Linda Wicks

B.Ed., L.C.C.H, RSHom

I’ve been practising homeopathy in Truro for over 30 years and it’s great
to be working at the Walsingham Clinic.

Many people come to me with a list of things they’d like sorted – low energy, headaches, hormonal problems and anxiety, to name a few.
Often it’s at times of transition that health takes a nose-dive – perhaps at puberty or menopause, after a bereavement, loss of a job or a relationship breakdown – and it can be difficult to know where to turn, especially if you’re looking for a more natural approach.
With homeopathy, we work together. At our first meeting, you’ll have plenty of time to talk through what’s happening, mentally, emotionally and physically, and often clients say that this in itself helps them gain a clearer perspective of their health. Links are made and things begin to make more sense. My role includes finding remedies that resonate with how you are feeling, but also to explore with you any other changes or support that might be helpful.
I’m always pleased to book in a 15-minute free chat if you’d like to find out more.
Ask at reception or contact me on 07962 318343 or lindawickshomeopath@outlook.com

Homeopathy is safe, natural, free from side effects and can be used
alongside other medications.

If you’re ready to start, my fees are:
Initial consultations (60-90 mins )
Adults £68 Young people £55
Follow-ups (30-45 mins)
Adults £38 Young people £30


Karen Runacres Homoeopath BSc (Hons) Homoeopathy RSHom

I am very privileged to be a Homeopath. Why? I hear you ask… Well I have the best job I get to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

I am lucky to have the luxury of time to hear your story and to get to know you. I have natural, sustainable and gentle treatments that do not impact the earth or her resources. As a Homeopath over the last twenty years, I have helped lots of people to improve their health and wellbeing naturally.

If you have not used homeopathy before, why not give it a try? Particularly, if you have a health issue that you just can’t solve. The homeopathic approach considers you as a whole person and not just as a bunch of separate symptoms. If there is imbalance in one part of your body, there will be a corresponding reaction somewhere else in your body. My aim is to get your body back to balance again.

I would love to talk to you and see if I can help you. Please call or email me so we can have a free 15 minute chat and I can explain more about how I can help you.

Tel 07968 285127               Email karenhomoeopath@gmail.com

Website: www.krysaliswellbeing.co.uk

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