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Cornwall Medicals

Occupational Medicine Clinic

When you need a medical you want it done promptly and properly.
With limited time, you want direct online booking and a local venue.
We offer medicals for a range of occupations at sea and on shore:
• ENG1
• ML5
• Royal Navy
• Royal Air Force
• Chester Step Test
MCA Medicals - ENG1 & ML5 with Approved MCA Doctor, Dr Mark Crouse
As a seafarer, it’s important that you are fit for the job you are doing on a day-to-day
basis, and during emergencies.
A medical examination (ENG1/ ML5) will find out if you have a health condition that
could result in you needing urgent treatment, or potentially put fellow crew or
passengers’ lives at risk.
If you are employed on a ship, and it’s your normal place of work, then regulations
require you to have a medical examination. This is to prove that you are in good
enough health and fitness to carry out your duties.

HGV | DVLA Medicals
As an approved DVLA Franchise Doctor, I offer Alcohol, Drug & High Risk Offender
Assessments along with HGV Medicals. I work alongside Dr Procter and
appointments can be made directly via Fiona Tucker.
Strictly for DVLA Appointments Only.
Tel: 07900 201291
Dr Mark Crouse
Born and bred in Falmouth, I am a proud Cornishman. My father’s family have all
worked at sea and on shore at Falmouth Docks.
I worked as a GP in Falmouth for many years before working with the Royal Navy as
a civilian doctor. With additional qualifications in Lifestyle Medicine, I now work in
occupational health offering
ENG1, ML5, HGV, DVLA and military recruitment medicals.
Aware of the pressures that my clients face, I am determined to offer a friendly,
flexible, high quality service.
Tel: +44 7467243271

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