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Treatments We Offer

At The Walsingham Clinic, we provide the appropriate treatments for injury and pain management, along with homeopathy and talking therapies, to help you get back to living a normal, healthy life. Browse below to learn more about our treatments and services.

Back and Neck Pain Treatment as an NHS patient

Take time off your busy schedule and start healing your body the right way. After a short intake session, our certified therapists will adapt the treatment to your specific condition, discomfort or needs. Book your appointment today.

Intuitive Counseling

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

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Rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your muscles using this sought-after alternative method. Our experienced therapists provide safe, effective treatments that every patient can rely on. Get in touch to book our Acupuncture session today.



Take time off your busy schedule and start healing your mind with one of our certified counsellors. Book your appointment today.

Healthcare concept of professional psychologist doctor consult in psychotherapy session or


Address your bodily imbalances and visit our specialised herbalist, Dr. Mariano Spiezia, who will utilise the phenomena of life and nature to cleanse your body of all the stresses of daily life.

Herbal Medicine


Gain a clearer perspective on your health and rebalance your body by being treated by one of our specialist homeopaths. Book your appointment today.


Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Begin to see your body as a whole and build your physical strength and immunity by booking a visit with our nutritionist and functional medicine expert, Nicola Monson.

Nutritional Cooking


Treat a range of issues including back pain with our gentle approach to osteopathy, with our experienced resident osteopath, Kevin Meyers.


Physiotherapy/Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your muscles using our sought-after approach. Our resident physiotherapist, Fiona Lundie, takes an empathic and attentive approach to her practice, making the rehabilitation of her clients as comfortable as possible. Book an appointment today.

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