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Intuitive Counseling

Back and Neck Pain Treatment as an NHS patient

The Walsingham Clinic is very pleased to offer patients Osteopathic treatment for neck and back pain on the NHS via the AQP (Any Qualified Provider) Pathway.

This is provided in accordance with NICE guidelines (CG88) for care of these conditions.

Your GP should let you choose where to receive treatment should they refer you. Osteopathy in Truro is listed under The Walsingham Clinic.

Important: Please read carefully:

You are eligible for this service only if you have primarily back or neck pain with or without ‘referred’ symptoms to the limbs including:

  • Whiplash associated disorders

  • Stiffness and restricted movement

  • Cervicogenic ( coming from the neck) headache

  • ‘Mechanical’ neck and back pain

  • Degenerative ( wear and tear) pain

  • Postural related neck and back pain

Patients that fit the AQP pathway will be offered an initial assessment and follow up appointments ( an average of 4 )


  • You are under 16 years of age

  • You do not meet criteria above

  • You are not registered with local GP

  • Problem present more than 1 year

  • Housebound patients

  • Women over 35 weeks pregnant

  • You have a primary limb problem to which back or neck pain is secondary.

We should be able to see you within 2 weeks.

Back and Neck Pain Treatment as an NHS patient: Treatments
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